For April & Todd

We lost another member of the Dawson St. family this week.  April was a die-hard friend, a talented musician, and a force to be reckoned with.  We shared many an open mic stage back in the day, and even hosted a few in 2002. 

One of our draws was the recordings we'd make from the board.  Nothing special; certainly nothing professional.  It was mostly for fun; a little digital memory to take with you when you left.  Most are long gone; luckily, I've been able to unearth a few.

I came across these Todd and Brett tracks tonight when trying to find some April and Marvin music (which I'm still looking for - ever hopeful).  We lost Todd in August of 2018.  Hearing his voice brings back so many good memories.


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Will Knapp: Live Entertainment Professional

A Transcribed Oral History of My Rise to Adequacy

I was born on a cold October morning in Schenectady, NY to loving and supportive parents who, despite already having a perfect 5-year old daughter, welcomed me with open arms.

The resulting angst-free childhood and adolescence prevented me from developing into a truly deep, moving artist, so I pretty much stick to music written by people whose backstories are far more interesting

I began (and fell in love with) performing in front of audiences at age 7 after a fateful turn as George Washington in the 2nd grade Presidents Day Spectacular; I bowed, my wig fell off, I got a laugh and was hooked.  Cue the nostalgic coming-of-age montage of clarinet lessons, piano recitals, school plays, jazz ensembles, summer camp skits, fading out on me getting my first guitar and a book of Simon & Garfunkel sheet music at 16.

Fast-forward to the late 1990's and the birth of my professional career hosting open mics and sitting in on guitar or piano with friends and local bands in Philadelphia (forever and always, the Dawson Street Pub will be my home),  

Life eventually brought me to the Jersey Shore where I've been consistently hosting solo and duo gigs, DJ sets, weekly open mics, trivia nights and Name That Tune.  My shows are always light, fun and entertaining and, inevitably, sing-a-longs.  (Yes, even at trivia shows.)

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With the help of professionally recorded backing tracks, I fill venues with the sound of a full band in less space than a four-top.

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Courtesy of the interwebs, I can play any song in the history of recorded music, guaranteed.  From contemporary EDM dance hits to retro, old-school, throwback 70's, 80's or 90's pop/hip hop/rock, I've got it all.  Click here for more info...


A song for everyone

With over 31,000 songs  - seriously! - at my disposal, the odds of wanting to sing something I don't have are pretty slim.  

Gravity Road

The Sum is greater...

My duo project with John Campbell.  The same full band sound with more vocals, more range, and more songs.

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Top Notch Trivia

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Two hours, 70 questions, unlimited fun.  An immersive, live, multimedia trivia game show that puts all other bar trivia to shame.

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How vast is your musical knowledge?

I play songs.  You tell me the name of the song and who sang it.  Pretty straight forward stuff.  And more fun that it has any right to be.