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What is Top Notch Trivia?

Top Notch Trivia is a weekly custom trivia game featuring seven rounds of  pop culture and general knowledge questions.  Each game features a live interactive host, along with a multimedia presentation including sound and movie clips, with questions appropriate for the whole family.

Is Top Notch Trivia right for your venue?

The short answer is "Yes!"  But why?  These are just a few of the benefits Top Notch Trivia can bring to any bar or restaurant looking to pack the place:

  • A Loyal Customer Base.  Trivia players are a competitive bunch, and enjoy the competition week in and week out.  Top Notch Trivia stands apart from other pub quizzes (usually just a guy and a microphone) and reliably brings customers back every week.
  • Increased Check Averages.  A typical evening of Top Notch Trivia runs two hours - that makes for a few extra rounds of drinks, maybe a couple more apps, or even dessert.  Regardless of whether they're hungry or thirsty, players routinely boost check averages on what might otherwise be a slow night.
  • A Captive Audience for Two Hours Do you have the hottest band coming into town for the weekend? A killer drink special that puts all other bars to shame? A fundraiser for a local cause?   Top Notch Trivia players are staring at TV screens and listening to the host for two straight hours, allowing for unlimited internal promotions for any upcoming event or special you're trying to market.  Images and video can even be included in the game itself, allowing for multiple impressions.  We can even create custom answer sheets to include your upcoming calendar or food/drink specials.  The marketing potential is unparalleled.

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Pricing : Three Options!


$250 per GAME

You don't have to do anything except provide a power outlet and a video connection.  We take care of the rest!



$70 per Game

Are you a host with a venue, or a venue with a host?  You can purchase just the presentation, which includes movie and song clips, and custom slides for internal promotions and graphics.



The hardest part of any trivia game is coming up with the questions.  So we'll do it for you!  71 new questions each week, to use any way you like!

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